Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Review: Next warm handle snowflake and reindeer tights

This week, I cracked out these tights which I got in the sales earlier this year, and seeing as I haven't reviewed any hosiery products for over two years, I thought I'd share some brief thoughts on them!

As shown on the photo, the RRP is £9, which is the price of this year's Next Christmas pattern tights as well, although in the post-Christmas sales, I believe I paid £5 for them, which is very reasonable.

The thickness of the wool is perfect in terms of protecting your legs against the blistering winter cold, and the design - patterned snowflakes, then reindeers, then snowflakes, etc, looks cute, without being distracting over-ornate: 

The white-and-navy colour scheme means I can pair these tights with most of my outfits, rendering it fashionable and versatile.

The only gripe I have with the product is probably more of an indictment of my own short, stumpy legs, which is that for a 'Medium' size, the tights felt just a tad baggy, so on a night out, I'd have to hitch them up about two or three times over the course of the night. 

But as I said, that's more a body problem of my own rather than a major disadvantage of the product, which I am a big fan of, and which will surely be making a few outings in upcoming Christmas parties.

Grade: A-


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