Sunday, November 20, 2016

Review: Rocket Dog Dundee Black Buckle Ankle boots

Winter has arrived, which means I now require sturdier footwear than my fabric Adidas trainers. Step forward, these rather fashionable, yet also practical boots that I got from TK Maxx. I found the original boots on the Rocket Dog website, if you wish to buy them!

The heel is comfortably wide, meaning I avoid my usual faux pas when I walk in heels, which is losing balance and stumbling. The two buckles on the side give the otherwise quite plain design a bit of sass and the height of the boot means it doesn't cover just your feet but also your ankles, keeping them protected against the bitter winter cold.

The only small foible I had (which is common to many shoes when you first break them in) is that the first few times I wore it, I wore trainer socks, which proved unwise, because the inside lining of the boots caused friction against the uncovered part of my foot, causing it to bleed. Thus, if you're wearing these boots for the first time, by all means wear tights (even if you're wearing trousers), to make sure your feet are suitably covered.

Otherwise, excellent product, which I will be wearing a lot of in December!

Grade: A-

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