Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Quantity not Quality in BBFCInsight.

In addition to its eye-catching trailer, one of the things which caught my interest regarding pulpy neo-noir Nocturnal Animals was its BBFCInsight, which featured no less than five causes for ascertaining its 15 certificate:

Just for the sake of completeness of trivia, here are a few other 15 certificate films with 5 classification issues:

In terms of 12A-rated feature length films, the title that I can find with the most classification issues is Tim Burton's Dark Shadows:

As noted in the extended information, threat was an issue too, but the moderate violence, horror, gore and threat were all closely related, and the BBFC examiners (justly) assumed that by highlighting three of those issues, the four was almost a given.

Ironically, what got me to view the very charming Luck-Key wasn't the plot synopsis, but the fact that it had four issues for its 12A certificate. There's some BBFC nerdiness for ya.

Below are four more 12As which had four classification issues, two of which feature the lovely Hailee Steinfeld:

EDIT: 17 November 2016:
season 4 of Nashville has 6 category-defining issues at 12:

And War on Everyone, and Goat, respectively, have not five but six and seven reasons for getting a 15!

It makes me wonder: if a film reached eight or nine reasons to get a 15 certificate, wouldn't it just make the BBFC examiners' lives easier if they slapped an 18 on it?

As for 18s, Hyena has five classification issues, and bunged together starkly in one sentence, it doesn't make the film sound all that palatable.
If you know of any 12As and 18s with more than five classification issues, do let me know!


Golden Geek said...

The cut version of Horns is a 15 for "strong bloody violence, sexual violence, sex, nudity, language, drug use" - a whopping six.


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