Friday, November 25, 2016

Product review: Office Depot Pop-up Flags

As a research student, I read a lot of journal articles on my topic of interest, articles of which I then file away in ring-binders before staring another one. The problem of getting through so many is that, when, in a Eureka moment, I want to go through an old paper, I waste a lot of time sifting through ring binders not just looking the article in question, but looking for the exact sentence that contained the interesting philosophy I wish to revisit.

Thanks to Office Depot’s remarkably practical pop-up flags, this task is made considerably less laborious and more colourful. The product, photographed above, contains 40 flags of each colour, yielding 200 in total, and very straightforward to use, thanks to them being packaged in a way such that as you pull one flag out, another from the opposite direction comes out of the gap, meaning you don’t have to waste time making head nor tail of them.

A sensible touch in the product’s favour was that before you open it, each of the five blocks of flags are sealed in place with sellotape of the that flag’s colour, so that no damage came to it in transit. I’m used to products such as toothpaste and shampoo having a security seal on the top, but this is the first time I’ve come across pop-up flags having a similar measure. It’s a small gesture, but it contributed to the strong presentation (in that all five blocks were all positioned in neatly), as well as leading the user to feel that their item of stationery had been well taken care of.

Something else I loved about it was that if I used the flag to market a place in a book, then took the flag off, it did not leave behind a gluey residue that the majority of page-markers I've used in the past have. That it achieved this, yet stayed firmly on the page, even when the books and papers get transported everywhere, is highly impressive.

I’m also a fan of the colours; taking neon highlighter shades, they inject some flavour into the black-and-white printouts on which they are applied. This, in turn, makes the academic papers appear more enticing, and you can’t say fairer than that.

Grade: A


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