Monday, November 07, 2016

Review: Starbucks Fudge Hot Chocolate

Just in time to use Christmas to trouser more money away for themselves, Starbucks have introduced the Fudge Hot Chocolate. Ingredients are Milk chocolate and fudge syrup mixed with steamed milk, topped with fudge flavoured whipped cream and a sprinkling of gold chocolate curls. 

I wasn’t very impressed. The USP, the fudge, is used far too sparingly to make a distinctive impression, so it just tasted like a bog standard hot chocolate. My cream on the top was about a third of the amount other coffee chains give. Finally, the fact that my fudge hot chocolate was serve lukewarm did little to raise a festive cheer within me. 

For £3.25, you can get a much more satisfying hot chocolate elsewhere, or make one yourself, and put in a quantity of fudge in where it can actually be detected in the beverage. Perhaps Christmas drinks in early November is a little early. This was an absolute horrorshow.

Grade: E


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Unknown said...

I tried the fudge hot chocolate and thought it was amazing (although I did have it with no cream). For what it is though it still is quite expensive.

Emma said...

Hi Holly, maybe it varies by which venue you visit? I went to the Charing Cross branch, which is very close to the main station, so maybe that Starbucks rested on their laurels rather than bothering to produce a decent beverage...