Monday, November 21, 2016

Pub review: THE WOOLPACK (Bermondsey)

There's a lot of freaky-deaky pop artwork in the beer garden of The Woolpack which is worth your attention for a few moments. As far as beer gardens go, it's definitely one of the more well-maintained and hospitable; there are plentiful heaters all across the garden, and they were all functioning when I visited, so that was considerable of the managers.

As for the rest of the venue, I wasn't too impressed. Inside, it smelt of piss, so it was almost just as well that the outdoors was good, because the interior wasn't much to write about. It wasn't such a huge problem as I was in the beer garden most of the time, but even in the intermittent periods when I had to pass through the pub to go to the toilet, the urine smell was strong and off-putting.

Prices are high, as to be expected of its Southwark location, but the drinks on offer were utterly anodyne and inspiring. I'm fairly unfussy when I come to drinking (I like most beers), so it wasn't a big problem, but for drinkers who are a tad pickier with their beverages, I couldn't in good faith recommend this place to them.

If you have dogs, however, there's one huge tick in the pro box in The Woolpack's case: it's extremely dog-friendly!

Grade: D

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