Saturday, December 03, 2016


Fast Food Corner

Situated very handily next to Mile End tube station, FFC kindly offers a 10% discount for students, meaning I got the meal pictured above for £3.40 rather than £3.80 (another nice touch is that they rounded down rather than being awkward and charging £3.42, haha).

I had the spicy chicken burger (a little boldly, given my sinuses don't take to hot food too well), and it was absolutely delicious! The best thing about it was the unique flavour; it tasted wildly different from any other chicken burger I've ever had, but in a good way.

The chicken, which must have been cooked in some kind of secret sauce, was trembling with flavour, and put its far more expensive, but not at all comparable in quality counterparts, such as Prime and Tommi's Burger Joint, to complete shame. I will definitely be popping back here next time I'm in Mile End. A.

... which means I will be avoiding Dixie Chicken like the plague.

The chicken burger here tasted as undercooked as the ones in Prime Burger and Tommi's Burger Joint, yet this burger didn't feature the vegetables employed to try to give the impression of being a salubrious option, as those pricier places boasted. Chips were stale and tasteless, too.

The only redeeming feature of eating here is that it's cheap (this meal was £2.70), but for £1.99 with a voucher from Metro, you can get a McChicken burger and fries (and buy your drink somewhere else, e.g. a Tesco, beforehand), which is much more price-conscious. And at McDonald's, they at least make sure the chicken in the burger is cooked before serving it to you. D.


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