Friday, December 23, 2016

Bar review: BREWDOG (Soho)

Brewdog Soho epitomises why I'm filled with trepidation whenever someone suggests drinking in a bar in central London that is alien to me. It encapsulates all of the disadvantages of drinking in the capital and has none of the perks. Overpriced, an awful drink selection that flirted with the obtuse and blaring obnoxiously loud hipster music, the 2.5 hours I had to spend in this dive were some of the longest of my life.

The drinks offered in Brewdog Soho consisted of stouts and pale ales (neither to my liking), mostly self-brewed or sourced from some weird and wonderful location which doesn't benefit the drinker in any way in terms of taste. What's wrong with a simple Peroni? I like my drinks to taste good; I couldn't care less about the story behind its inception!

If you weren't impressed by the portentous ale menu, the price of spirits were prohibitively high for you to consider anything else, thus indirectly forcing the punter into ordering one of the unsavoury ales.

Not that the beers themselves are in any way reasonably priced. This place was extorting their punters, charging prices for half-pints that most pubs would have difficulty maintaining a straight face charging for a full one.

Furthermore, the seats in Brewdog were ridiculously uncomfortable - hard, unwelcoming wooden high top stools and the decor feared some garishly ugly pretentious lightbulbs dangling from the ceiling. So in addition to having your taste buds assaulted with the suspicious drinks, you can give your eyes a hard time as well!

All of these strikes mean that Brewdog is one of the least appealing pubs in London I've been to. Quite why it was so packed is a mystery to me, particularly as the far superior Barrio Central is just down the road.

Grade: U


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Anonymous said...

U!! You need to aquire a taste for ale's! Brewdog is King ��