Monday, October 10, 2016

Found Girl.

A couple of blurry / sub-par photos from the BFI London Film Festival!


I was walking past Leicester Square on Wednesday after the disappointing The Girl on the Train and realised that all the commotion was due to the BFI film première starting!

My phone was, lamentably, on very low battery (biggest shortcoming of Samsung S4 goddamnit) and I was too far away to get good pictures, but here are the low-quality, grainy ones I was able to get!

 photo 20161005_183850_zpsdae7pzxk.jpg

 photo 20161005_183743_zpsjidecv1v.jpg 
Hi Draco! (sadly I didn't get to grab his hand like I did with his Harry Potter co-star five years ago!)

 photo 20161005_183917_zpsaglgeawt.jpg

Jessica Oyelowo

The next few were me grappling desperately trying to get decent photos of Rosamund Pike with my phone's waning battery, all the way squealing 'ROSAMUND PIKE!!!' at the top of my voice.

This is from the next day, before my viewing of A United Kingdom
And this was the Q&A with director Nicolas Pesce, after The Eyes of My Mother yesterday.

So yeah, I had an amazing time during the BFI Film festival! Love living in London. 

Hopefully next year, I'll a) see more than two films and b) have more battery on my phone to take better-quality photos ♥

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