Saturday, September 03, 2016

Pub review: SIMMONS (Fitzrovia)

Before I visited Simmons, I’d never drank cocktails out of a teacup before. Their Happy Hour, which happens to be a very generous misnomer (it’s actually a Happy FIVE Hours, 4pm to 9pm, Sunday to Friday), changed all that. 

I treated myself to an entire teapot of Long Island Ice Tea, which was reasonably priced at £15 for the teapot, and, graciously, actually contained alcohol, unlike the Long Island Ice Teas at Slug & Lettuce which are completely diluted with mixer.

The pub itself is a quirky delight, with an eclectic selection of high stools, sofas, lamps, and other such décor. The staff are cool and friendly, knowing to give service with a smile, an all-too-rare commodity in central London bars, unfortunately.

After 6 o’clock, it got very busy, very fast, which is probably to its credit, and its downfall. 

I like pubs with atmosphere, and Simmons had that in spades, with punters who were lively and tipsy. Others being merry is infectious, so I, too, had a wonderful time (although that was also down to the great company I kept; hi Simon!)

Due to its own goddamn popularity, however, it was, just a little on the over-crowded side; on the walk to the restrooms, it was somewhat of a juggling act not to impede on the personal space of other pub-goers. If I were to rank how busy Simmons was the time I went out of 10, I'd say it was about a 9. My optimal level, a 7.

Still, I would definitely recommend Simmons. Everyone has to drink alcohol out of china at some point in their life!

Grade: A-

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