Monday, September 05, 2016

Bar review: DANDELYAN (South Bank)

Recipient of the 'World's Best Cocktail Menu' award, Dandelyan bar boasts some incredibly innovative drinks, all delicately crafted with the finest ingredients. 

I trialled four drinks, and whilst all  balanced delectable flavour with generous amounts of alcohol, the one I loved the most was Natural Born Gatherer, a refreshing and bittersweet drink that was decadently wonderful: the elderflower was the icing on the cake. 

The drink photographed above is the Old Fashioned, which is, admittedly difficult to get wrong, but Dandelyan produced an excellent one, and the citrus twist they added really have the drink an extra kick.

In terms of bar snacks, I had blistered padron peppers (deliciously marinated in sea salt and olive oil), and Mondrian chips, which came with some tastebud-tantalisingly good  mojo pic√≥n aioli. The key to bar snacks is to deliver them in small enough quantities to get the taster salivating for more, and salivating I most certainly was doing for the nibbles here.

Overall, Dandelyan bar oozes class. The atmosphere is chilled and the bar staff are astute and attentive. Whilst in terms of acres, it is not as spacious as Devonshire Terrace, it does have an intimate, yet classy ambiance that the former tried to manufacture, but generally lacked.

Definitely worth a visit for a mid-week post-work drink: the elegance of the decor (although the lights were a bit on the dim side) and the clientele allowed me to fulfil the delusion that I was a character in an episode of Mad Men

Speaking of pop culture references in bar reviews, the lady who served me looked like a petite version of Gal Gadot, and in addition to being cute A F, she was extremely switched on, and gave me some on point cocktail recommendations. Bravo, Dandelyan!

Grade: A

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