Monday, September 05, 2016

#ByeFelicia: Johnson's Baby Lotion

I'm kinda dumb for not realising this sooner (although in my defence, I mix and match the moisturisers I use on my legs), but Johnson and Johnson Baby Lotion is not the one.

Recently, my trusted go-to Soap and Glory moisturiser I use post-showers to apply to my legs has finished, so I transitioned to Johnson & Johnson's Baby Lotion, photographed here.

It was awful and gave me an allergic reaction the following day. Being slow on the uptake, I just assumed my laundry had been done with some new washing up powder and figured I was having a bad reaction to that.

My legs were not a nice sight and I scratched them raw. I won't assail your eyes with a photo though; I kind of think stumpy (I'm 5'4''. :'( I'd give anything to be Gal Gadot's height), unphotogenic legs, which mine most certainly were this week should only be seen by the poor sod who possesses them, and maybe not even then.

So on Thursday, I re-applied the J+J Baby Lotion, and four hours later, the intolerable itchiness recurred. 

This time, the penny dropped.

I've dropped said lotion in the bin and applied no moisturiser to my legs now. I'm relieved to report they've gone back to their normal condition.

So yeah! For such a reputable brand that purports to care so much about the welfare of their clientele, I would recommend that everyone, but especially mums who are putting this on their babies, to think twice before buying this rather dangerous product! 

I had a search online and this link explains in good scientific terms why I had the nightmare reaction. Am relieved to know it wasn't just me!


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