Saturday, August 16, 2008

Keira Knightley Vogue Photoshoot.

She looks beguiling in some, bewildering in others. Click on the photos for the bigger picture.

It looks a bit like they've fiddled about with a binliner and bunged it on her head.

Lampshade head!

She is REALLY pretty and noir-ish in this one.

I really like her hair in this one.

The general thought from me is that these are pretty good, even if the clothes are a bit weird. Maybe Keira should become a full-time model? ;)


J.D. said...

Keira as a lamp is just WAY too easy a joke to make.

And that kid on the rubber ball sorta freaks me out.

Emma said...

Tell me about it! It's like, wtf have they just placed a child there?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Emz, they cheered me up about UCL saying "No" to me.

I mean, I'm really excited about going to Strathclyde and living in Scotland, but... still.

Emma said...

Oh Martin, I'm in the same boat, missed my first choice, going to my second.

But I'm alright with that! I know you had your heart set on UCL and I really, really loved Imperial (mainly 'cos it was near Chelsea, lol), but we've just got to accept that we didn't get the grades that they asked for and as such, they're under no obligation to take us. We need to go to Strathclyde and Bath and open a new chapter in our lives...

... And it will be fantastic. :D

anahit said...

I don't particularly like shoots when they do the hair so strange and give them such weird clothes - especially on actresses. I think photos of her more natural would have been better - the noir-ish one is the best, 'cos it's not too weird.

Anonymous said...

sexy as usual.

and stop whinging you too, you're both going to great universities.

emma, i might join you at bath after my year in art college.

Emma said...

BUNG!!!!! You're gonna apply to Uni next year? OMG, that is so exciting! I'm so glad you changed your mind!

What for?

Anonymous said...

well i think i only said i wasn't going to apply before because i was scared my grades wouldn't be good enough. i didn't know i'd end up with aab!

i think i'll apply for either management, international relations, law, english or politics. or a combination of all three. :P

Emma said...

Wow, those are all really strong courses.

Bath do Business, Management and International Relations so do apply for one of those there and we can meet up again! ♥♥

Anonymous said...

"Of all three?"

Someone didn't do Maths A-level.

Anonymous said...

the pictures don't work.

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