Sunday, August 31, 2008


01. What are your thoughts on the upcoming Blindness?
02. If you could bring only three things with you to University, what would they be?
03. The line “Why so serious?” – scary, or funny?
04. What’s the most money you’ve blown on a DVD?
05. When did you first discover old Hollywood?



Anonymous said...

I'm excited about Blindness. I haven't read the book but the trailer make it look very good.

Anonymous said...

1. I'm looking forward to. Director and cast are promising but it's not enough.
2. Glasses, notebook, pencil.
3. Brilliant.
4. Don't remember. I prefer movies at the cinema.
5. When I was a kid and TV used to have much more to offer than now.

Just a girl said...

Bastard. Internet dropped out.

Take 2.

1. Never heard of it...?
2. 3?! Assumedly to move to uni? Uh...a book, my iPhone and my laptop. Necessities. ;-)
3. Mostly funny, but slightly sinister. Morbid.
4. Not much, because I only buy DVDs cheap! It was $28.95 (AUS) for 3, hence bargain! =)
5. When I was younger, and my parents showed me Gone with the Wind.


Kayleigh said...

1. I think it could be interesting, a bleak apocolyptic tale a la Children of Men, but the original Cannes reviews are slightly off-putting.
2. Ohhh evil. My laptop, my notebook and my iPod. What about you Emma?
3. Scary in the movie, funny when attempted by others.
4. Can't really remember, I try to get my DVDs cheap. But I'll pay full price for a boxset. Carnivale series 2 cost me £30. Totally worth it!
5. When I was about 8 or 9, my gran made me watch Singing in the Rain and Some Like It Hot. And I watched The Wizard Of Oz every Xmas without fail!

Emma said...

Which three things I'd take... my new pink mobile phone, Shawshank Redemption DVD and a nice notebook. I don't currently have a laptop and my ipod's broken. :(

Anonymous said...

1. stoked.
2. my brain, a thesaurus, and sexy jeans.
3. horrifying.
4. $50 (E.T.).
5. like Kayleigh, singin' in the rain, 10 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Hey I read your blog all the time! I was just wondering if you had seen Jeux d'enfants/ Love me if you dare. It's a quirky french love story. I am completely in love with the soundtrack but here in the states there's only one copy at amazon for $168.31. Help! Any way you could post the track Mieux Que La Vie? Thanks!

Miss American

Anonymous said...


Emma said...

Yes, what about bung?

Anonymous said...

My sister and I love the line.