Saturday, August 09, 2008

Top 10 of 2008 so far.

I’ve been trying to catch up with all the 2008 releases I wanted to see during exam period in the past couple of weeks on YouTube and whatnot, so that now I’ve seen a respectable number of 2008 movies (31), I can compile a top 10:

01. Man on Wire
02. Wall-E
03. Kung Fu Panda
04. The Dark Knight
05. Bigga than Ben
06. Son of Rambow
07. Mamma Mia!
08. Happy-Go-Lucky
09. Iron Man
10. Definitely, Maybe

The only movies that I consider complete bollocks are 27 Dresses (Katherine Heigl pisses me off a lot), 10,000 BC and Cassandra’s Dream. Funny Games I'm confused about, but I think I need to see it again to form a concrete opinion about it.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen El Baño del Papa? That's probably my favourite film this year.

Plus I watched Miss Pettigrew with my sisters last night and enjoyed it much more than I thought I would... seen it?

Bigga than Ben looks... interesting

Emma said...

Hey Martin, I haven't seen The Pope's Toilet but I really want to, if anything for the pretty camerawork from César Charlone (gosh, I'm so excited/scared about what he's gonna bring to Blindness).

Also, haven't seen Miss Pettigrew but the poster makes it seem most Leatherheads-y, and I have seen Leatherheads and tbh I can't say I was that impressed.

I like Bigga than Ben a lot, though I can't explain why! It was unbelievably hilarious though. (And remember, I'm obsessed with Russia for some reason).

Emma said...

So what's your list then? :)

Anonymous said...

I was getting worried there because I couldn't remember a pink sunset in the film, then I realised you'd probably done something to the picture. Charlone co-directs the film too, you know.

Blindness sounds so dark. It's been quite badly received but I'm watching it, Julianne Moore for God's sake!

My list... probably...
1. El Baño del Papa
2. Wall-E
3. Trouble the Water
4. Savage Grace (:p)
5. In Bruges

I'd avoid The Edge of Love if you haven't already seen it. It so desperately wants to be Atonement

Catherine said...

I can only do a top 5 so far:

1. Wall-E
2. Man On Wire
3. The Visitor
4. Happy Go Lucky
4. Caramel

Kayleigh said...

For me, Wall-E and The Dark Knight are joint number one, then Mamma Mia. It wasn't the perfect film but it was too fun to hate. (I loathe Katherine Heigl!)

Anonymous said...

I'm being stubborn and refusing to see Funny Games. In my opinion, if people are too lazy to read a film with subtitles then they don't deserve to see it, they shouldn't be given an English remake.

Scarlett said...

Interesting. I haven't seen enough films to make a Top 10, but here's my Top 5 of the year as of now:

2. The Dark Knight
3. Kung Fu Panda
4. Iron Man
5. In Bruges

I've seen 'El Baño del Papa' (after all, it was made in my country!) and it's indeed very good but I have it in 2007. If I had to rank it in my 2008 list, it would be my #2 of the year.

Emma said...

@ Martin: Eh, I really despised Savage Grace! It was quite good in parts and Julie was fantastic as usual, but... it was gross! And, like you say The Edge of Love wanted to be Atonement, that film wanted to be like Far from Heaven, only Far from Heaven was like, actually good!

In Bruges, that movie set in Belgium with swearing, yes? Cassie from Skins is in it. ♥

@ Catherine: HEI!!! *hugs* I haven't heard from you in ages, I was wondering if something had happened to you but then I saw a few of your comments on filmexperience so I knew you were alright. Great to hear from you! I haven't seen The Visitor but I've heard that the lead man is very good in it.

elgringo said...

I haven't heard anything about Man on Wire, Bigga than Ben, or Happy-Go-Lucky. I need to keep up on these things better.

Catherine said...

Haha, yeah, I've been pretty quiet lately! When are your exam results out? Mine are on Wednesday! Eeek!

Anonymous said...

I love that you have Wall-E and Kung Fu Panda, two films that give completely conflicting messages about weight

Emma said...

Mine are a day after. Eeek indeed. There will be tears from me, fo sho.

Jacstev said...

Have seen so much popcorn films but here's probably my top 5 so far.
1. The Dark Knight
2. Hellboy II
3. Wall-E
4. Iron Man
5. Wanted

Emma said...

Okiedoke, my order's changed a little.

01. Wall-E
02. Man on Wire
03. Somers Town
04. The Dark Knight
05. Bigga than Ben

Anonymous said...

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