Sunday, August 24, 2008



Just a girl said...

Yay! But what happened to the LOL post?!


Emma said...

omg... long story. Basically, this man from my work found out I kept a blog, and threatened to tell my boss that I'd been working on it during work hours. So I deleted it, because the "LOL" post actually WAS done during work hours, and I'd rather not deal.

Anonymous said...

Helloooo, how are you?

I have had chicken pox and so have been kept locked up like a leper. But I've been using the time to learn lots about the history of British queer cinema, which has been very interesting.


Emma said...

That sounds great Naomi! Well, definitely not about the chicken pox, but I love me some gay films, so... ♥♥.

I've been OK, I'm doing an internship in London on weekdays so I don't have much access to the internet! :( It's all spreadsheets instead.