Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Seeing the funny side of it all with the lil’ brother.

Earlier this week when I was sitting in the study reading “Candyfloss” with Tom, my brother (yes, I know, but for his entrance exams in secondary school we’ve been told that he’s really bad at English and should read as many types of books as poss. Hence the Jackie Wilson), my mum came in and asked us if we’d heard of the actor Morgan Freeman. I was indignant beyond belief, he only goes and bloody stars in my favourite bloody film! Even Tom acted like the question was ridiculous, yelling at her, “He was in The Dark Knight, mum!”

Anyway, my mum told us that he’d been in a terrible car crash and was in a terrible condition. I was heartbroken, it sounded to me like it might die, and it was Morgan Freeman! The Dark Knight was starting to become a curse.

Two days later though, I heard that he was alive in hospital. To say he was well would be pushing it, but he’d been well enough to banter with all the nurses and even say to the paparazzi “no freebies!” when they’d tried to snap him up.

Freeman could have a laugh and a joke even at the unfunniest, seemingly most dismal situation. And that made me smile.


Btw, terrifying as The Dark Knight was, now that it’s been two weeks since me and Tom watched it, we can’t stop taking the piss out of it. Don’t get me wrong, I thought it was a great film (in my top 4 of the year along with Wall-E, Man on Wire and Bigga than Ben [my part guilty pleasure, part obsessed with Russia movie]) and technically wonderful, etc etc, but the lines that had me quivering in fright in the cinema, now, with retrospect, also happen to be such easy targets of ridicule.

Take the line “Want to know how I got these scars?”

I currently possess a heat rash, and one morning I went to Tom, “Want to know how I got this heat rash?” in that creepy Heath voice, and we couldn’t stop laughing.

Another area of The Dark Knight that Tom and I enjoy making fun of is Harvey Dent’s horrifying face. You know how in the movie it was beyond terrifying, simply because one side of his face was normal and the other, his mouth and eyes are wide open? Well, we’ve been trying (and failing) to distort our own faces like that in front of the mirror.

I know we’re never going to make it onto Mock the Week, but laughing at inappropriate things is what me and my brother do best. Whilst it’s OK that he does it – he’s 10 – I’m 18, a legal adult, and probably should start growing up sometime soon. XD

All this piss-taking out of The Dark Knight is my way of pussfooting around writing an actual review of it. I just can't, I dunno why.



Kayleigh said...

Me and my sister are merciless when it comes to making up jokes. It helps that we watch so many of the same shows so make up in jokes, usually about Carnivale and Stella Street. She's bonkers and narcissistic but I love her.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people in my theater laughed nervously at the licking of lips in DK

Anonymous said...

So I finally got round to seeing The Dark Knight and I for one feel the hype is undeserved. Best film ever made? And I'm Gordon Brown.

Anonymous said...

Hey Harry/Gordon:

Lower interest rates please, the UK economy's a joke.

Emma said...

Lol, that Gordon Brown comment reminded me of something Frankie Boyle said in Mock the Week last week.

Emma said...
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anahit said...

looooooooool...I love the last picture.

One week 'til results Emma, freaking out much? xxx

Emma said...

Anahita, I'm literally cacking it. I'm predicting myself ABCC, which means no University for me, unless I go through clearing, and then no-one will want me.

I want to die.

(I go emo the week leading up to exam results every year. But if you want optimism...

I thought I did shitly on GCSEs and ASes and I did alright on them! )

[But I really do think my luck's run out this year...]

Kayleigh said...

Emma and Anahita - I hope your markers are kinder than mine was. The entire SQA hae fucked up my old year's marks, hardly anbody passed anthing. Something's going on and I hate it.
Good luck to both of you, you deserve to do well! X

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

"he’s really bad at English"
"should read as many types of books as POSS"

You can hardly talk! :P

Farzan said...

I also like making up jokes with my friend, but only at movies that are funny. We cant really joke around with a movie like The Godfather