Sunday, August 10, 2008


01. The three “dads” in Mamma Mia!”: Stellan, Pierce and Colin. Rank them in order of hotness.
(Men, you can rank Serena, Blair and Jenny in gossip girl)
02. What is your favourite item of clothing that you own?
03. Do you have any particular fitness regime?
04. Would you like kids when you’re older, and if so, how many?
05. Which movie kid/teenager would you least like your child to turn out like?


Kayleigh said...

1) Stellan
2) Colin
3) Pierce

2. My Rufus Wainwright concert t-shirt. Or my yellow shoes. Or my purple floppy hat.

3. No but I walk everywhere when it is possible.

4. I'd like one girl when the time is right.

5. Damien is sort of the obvious answer here I guess, but I wouldn't like Danny from The Shining either.

Just a girl said...

Yay, first comment!


(And because I can't resist:
Then and again, I'm biased towards Blair.)

02. Oooh, tough. Almost impossible! I'd say any one of my dresses, and if I had to pick, I'd probably say my black and white polka dot dress.

03. Er, eating. Sleeping. Does that count? ;-) I play netball in the winter, and occasionally hit a tennis ball in the summer. Apart from that, nada. If I had an motivation, I'd run. As it is, I eat too much chocolate. =)

04. I'd love kids, although I'm kinda freaked out about the labour thing...I'm tossing up between 2 and 4 (but probably not 3).

05. I assume you're talking about a character in a movie...hmm...I'm thinking not like Regina from Mean Girls.


Just a girl said...

(Damn, Kayleigh beat me!)

Emma said...

Hey JAG, Blair would be my no.1 too. I'm majorly envious of her style, her smarts, everything... Blair Waldorf own.

Anonymous said...

01: Pierce, Colin, Stellan. Though Pierce is way out in front. Colin and Stellan are basically the joint losers rather than second and third choices.

02: Currently it is my Clockwork Orange Brodsky & Branom Ludovico Technique t-shirt

03: Walking whenever possible. This also has the advantage of keeping me off the London Underground

04: Jesus God no.

05: Haley Joel Osment in any film he's been in.

Catherine said...

1. Um, this is awfully hard as I don't like any of them. Stellan first, because he's the better actor and I guess Pierce next because he's Irish. Colin Firth never did it for me.
2. I have a couple of cool t-shirts; my Sesame Street one, a Franz Kafka one and a Radiohead one. Also, my big huge purple Gap hoody that I wear on lazy days.
3. I go for walks sometimes and play Wii fit (I don't think that counts!).
4. Yeah, a couple of girls maybe.
5. Emma Roberts in Wild Child.

Marcy said...

1. Stellan, Colin, then Pierce.
2. This lacy navy-colored t-shirt.
3. I ride my bike a lot.
4. I'd like two kids--a boy and a girl, preferably.
5. Since I can't really think of a terrible kid right now, I'd have to say Erika Christensen character from Traffic for now.

Fox said...

1. Colin (and only Colin). Whichever one Leighton Meister plays is the hottest. Then whichever one is Blake Lively. I don't know the other one.

2. Truly and honestly, I don't think I have one. I don't like to spend my money on clothes.

3. 2 hour workouts at the gym on Saturday and Sunday. Walks during the week.

4. I think I am already old(er). I'm thirty-three. And yes, I do... and probably two.

5. Igby. I wanted to thump his forehead during that film.

Emma said...

I'm so happy with this love for Blair! Leighton Meester is a Goddess.

As for clothes, my favourite is a boy's yellow shirt. My mum hates me wearing it and constantly takes the piss out of me whenever I wear it, but I have a matching yellow headband and yellow dangly earrings to match, so I love it!