Friday, July 28, 2017


Devoid of any artificial flavourings, the primary ingredients in this tomato chutney are onion, mustard seeds, cayenne peppers and celery seeds. It is a godsend for mornings when I’m in a rush and don’t have time to do any cooking. I just toast some bread and spread this on it. Together, the components of the product contain enough texture to substitute for another topping that would take time to prepare (such as baked beans or fried eggs).

Like it says on the tin, the chutney is both rich and sweet. It also has a tangy flavour. Whilst this makes for an intriguing taste, it renders the product something you couldn’t chomp on indefinitely (such as you could with Nutella). Although the flavour is definitely tantalising, there is a finite amount your taste buds can handle of it in one go. For quenching hunger whilst giving you one of your five a day, however, it ticks the box.

And, at 90p, which depending on how thickly you lay it on your bread, but should last you around 5-10 sittings, it represents very good economic return.

Grade: A-


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