Friday, February 17, 2017


Post-Christmas sales, I treatment myself to two Body Shop items to make my daily showering routine a teensy bit more exciting. They were the blueberry butter and the peach body scrub, pictured below, both 200ml in quantity.

One aspect of both products that I can't fault is the design of the containers. I love the colours and the simplistic use of just one fruit on the front. After I've finished the products, I'mma keep the containers to store my jewellery!
The peach body scrub pales in comparison to the Soap and Glory Flake Away body scrub I reviewed in the past, which remains to this day, the pinnacle. The peach smell was way too artificial and gave me a headache during one shower. Furthermore, the density of exfoliating granules in the pot weren’t enough, so you had to dollop large amounts of it in order to get a reasonable exfoliation, which meant exposing yourself to the rancid smell even more. The light pinkish colour also wasn’t to my liking. At £6.50, I feel extremely shortchanged (who would pay the full price, £13 for this?). I’ve seen Boots own brand scrubs for a fraction of the price, so that’s what I shall explore next.

Grade: E

The blueberry body butter had a more fragrant, less invasive smell as well as less ominous colour. Also unlike the body scrub, a small amount of it went far, and I project that the 200mls should last me a good 3 months. Although the lotion is quite rigid in consistency when you hold it, it spread out nicely and effectively moisturises your arms and legs.

A high quality product, but again, I must quibble with the price. Even half price at £7, the Soap and Glory products, when part of a 3-for-2 promotion, are still more financially viable alternative, not to mention several of Boots own brand ones. Whilst I’m enjoying this product very much, I need to explore some of the cheaper alternatives before deciding whether or not it justifies its hefty price tag.

Grade: B+ (?)


If you made it to the end of this none-too-interesting blog post, here, have a photo that I took in Leicester Square:

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