Friday, February 03, 2017

Bar review: THE BIG CHILL HOUSE (King’s Cross)

Before testing out that disappointing Groupon deal last Saturday, I killed some time at The Big Chill House. I’d also been here just before Christmas after pizza with a few of my friends from my Masters, so my impressions on this place are probably better-informed than most of the places I review on my blog, where I write about them having only been there once.

The cocktails are lovely – I had a Blackberry Mojito which was proficiently made and presented without going overboard in an attempt to dazzle, as others have. At £8.75 a drink and with a very restricted window of Happy Hour that I didn’t make on either visit (5pm-6pm, Mondays-Thursdays), it was a tad more than I’d like to spend on a drink, but I can’t deny that it did taste substantially better than the fruit punch-style dross they pass off as cocktails at the Slug and Lettuce for cheaper.

Both times I’ve been to The Big Chill House, we’ve been able to find seating. No easy feat given the time we visited in 2016 was arguably one of the busiest periods of the year, when the prevalence of Londoners arranging to meet up for a pre-holiday catch-up must have been huge.

Thus, whilst the drinks are hardly a steal, pricing them such does have one valuable flipside, which is that you’ll probably get seats because the prices act as a deterrent to the more boorish drinkers. For that, the large selection of beers, gins, wines and decent cocktails, along with the understated, laid-back vibe, I see no reason not to recommend this bar if you feel like a slightly fancier outing than sitting in a grubby pub.

Grade: A-


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