Thursday, June 16, 2016

New glasses: Twiggy for Aurora

Twiggy for Aurora at Specsavers, £125 (not including lens thinning and anti-glare add ons).

Close up of the glasses and the sides:

I absolutely love the jewelled sides of these glasses, and the shade of purple is also lush (weirdly, it photographs burgundy in the first photo).

What I hadn't realised when trying these frames on, however, was just how large they were. I have a bit of a complex about my small eyes, so I'd rather the frames were smaller, as, the larger the frames are, the larger the gaping space between both sides of my eyes and the top and bottom of the frames. For that reason, I think I'll wear these most of the time, but save my trusted red pair for photo ops.

I wasn't too sure about these glasses the day I picked them up, hence the stern look, haha

Mark: 7.5/10

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