Friday, June 28, 2013

Retrospective Outfit of the Day 1.

Today, I'm starting a new ~series in which I pick some of my favourite outfits I've worn in the past (or occasionally, what I'm currently wearing at the time of the blog entry), and list where I bought all the stuff. There's a couple of reasons why I'm doing this. First and foremost, cos it's fun!~~ And secondly, I'm not a huge online shopper, nor do I have that many designer label outfits, nor do I frequent thrift shops or anything. When it comes to clothes, 95% of my wardrobe comes from the high street, meaning I should, in theory, dress quite generically. My aim is to show that with a few odd bits and bobs here and there, you can really make an outfit your own.

I wore this ensemble on my last night on holiday with Anna (the namesake of this blog) in our stay in Toarmina, Sicily. Here it is:

Dress: Forever 21, £18.75
Heels: Marks and Spencer, £25
Bangle: Warehouse, £8
Handbag: market stall, £3
Heart-shaped sunglasses: Accessorize, £15

There's also a barely visible ring on my non-bangle hand, but I can't remember where that's from.

Wasn't that fun! There'll be more to come soon. :p

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