Thursday, June 06, 2013

Summertime Sandals.

If you remember, after Christmas, I dropped a few dollars on the Barratt's sale online. Since then, I've been assessing each of the items I bought on looks, price, wearability, comfortability, swag, among various criteria. Today, it was the Rocket Dog sandals:

They're a pair of cute blue sandals, down from some twentysomething quid to £12. The heels are wedge heels, so walking in them are a lot more comfortable than high heels, say.

I absolutely adore the style of these wedges, as well as the colour - although it does mean some care has to be taken when choosing my outfits - they clashed with my black shorts. I really like wearing heels and wedges nowadays because they do wonders to one's legs, as well as helping correct my hunchback.

However, whilst visually appealing, a big downfall with these wedges were how uncomfortable they were to wear on a first occasion. The above photo capture the remnants of the back of my foot - which was covered in blood. 

Sadly, because of my war wounds, I'm going to have to wait at least two weeks before I try the wedges again. For now, I'll grade it a C, but if future wearings are more comfortable, I may be open to giving these shoes a reappraisal. 

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