Wednesday, June 26, 2013

361 Degrees trainers.

My mum bought me some stuff from her visit to China this Christmas, and one of them was a bright pink pair of trainers (pink is my favourite colour):

I had my reservations about these shoes to begin with, as, when it comes to trainers, I'm kind of a label-Nazi, and swear by Nike or Adidas trainers. So I was a bit snobby and sneery towards these. But they make a great change from my grey/pink Adidas pair (review for another time), and are actually a lot sturdier than the fashionable-but-not-altogether-functional Reebox Classics out on the market.
The bright, practically fluoro-level pink means that I can wear a relatively muted outfit, dull jeans, and these trainers transform the entire look by giving it a much needed pop of colour. And for running, they're more comfortable than all my other pairs.
So if you ever find yourself in China, you could do worse than these trainers!

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