Monday, June 24, 2013

ModelCo Shine Ultra Lip Gloss

If you buy Glamour this month (£2), the free gift is a lipgloss worth £12! (according to the ModelCo website)

Previously, I only had one lipgloss with a mirror on the side, and it was from Primark. I don't know why more brands don't do this because, whilst it may look a tiny bit less classy than without a mirror attached, the mirror is SO helpful!
As for the lipgloss itself, the colour I selected was a great nude shade (as I have more than enough red and pink-toned lipglosses), so that it merely glossed & faintly added glitter on my lips, but not so much that I looked ridiculous. The quantity is very generous and the longevity ain't bad either. I give this lipgloss a thumbs up. For £2, and a magazine, it really would be silly not to get it!

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