Thursday, August 24, 2017

Disagreements Made.

This is a very interesting one to file under the 'Discrepancies between the IFCO and BBFC' list.

American Made, which I shall be seeing on Saturday as it stars bae Domhnall Gleeson, is rated 15 in both the UK and Ireland (well, 15A). Both short insights mention the very strong language, but what is interesting is that the IFCO deem the sex references strong, and the BBFC, mild.

Usually, when the two boards disagree about individual components, the discrepancy is only by one degree (for example, the BBFC considered the sex scene in Miss Sloane strong and the IFCO moderate, whereas the BBFC considered the sex scene in Personal Shopper moderate and the IFCO strong).

Here, the difference is by two whole grades! My only explanation is that the Irish are somehow incorporating the sex scenes in the sex references, but even then, the BBFC deemed those moderate in the extended information.

What these sex references are, which are able to be both strong and mild, waits to be seen on Saturday!


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