Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Sponsored post: 8 Off-the-beaten Attractions in Budapest

Budapest may often be overlooked by travelers; however, it is a worthy rival to other major European gateways. Likewise, it is affordable so even those who are on a budget can have fun in the capital of Hungary. Discover its special sites others don’t know about!

1. Open Book Fountain
The street of Imre Henszlmann features a nice area for walks and dates with matches you’ve met on a real russian dating. The fountain represents itself a large marble tome with its “pages” (imitated by water) being turned by some secret force. Such an original design is supposed to preserve the image of a printed book for next generations.

2. Michael Jackson Memorial Tree
The King of Pop was actually a frequent guest in Budapest. Nearby the luxurious Kempinski Hotel, where the singer stayed many times, there is a park hosting one special tree. Its stem is covered with photos and flowers that dedicated Michael Jackson’s fans constantly bring.

3. Ecseri Flea Market
How about a treasure hunt? I bet Ecseri is one of the most amazing flea markets throughout Europe. Check out books, paintings, jewelry, retro photos, clothes, and lots of other vintage stuff. And yes, you are free to haggle! 

4. Sugar! Shop
Well, it is basically a candy shop and a café offering a dazzling variety of exclusive sweets. Apart from this, it’s located in Paulay Street, right next to Andrassy Avenue – the best-known boulevard in Budapest. So you will instantly get to the city’s main sites from here.

5. Garden of Philosophy
The famous Gellert Hill by the Danube is full or notable spots. However, not so many visitors know about this green area featuring the fine statues of the human history’s prominent figures (like Abraham, Buddha, Hammurabi etc.). The sculptures are intended to represent the entire evolution of our culture. 

6. Cave Church
Speaking about Gellert Hill, I should mention one more interesting spot there. The tiny monastery is set inside the natural system of caves also referred to as Saint Ivan’s Cave. Though it was built in the early 20th century, it contains a couple of important relics and has the unique architecture.

7. House of Hungarian Art Nouveau
If you are in love with the Secession style – or just love antiques – Budapest will give it all to you. One of its greatest buildings used to be the house of Bedő family constructed in 1903. Nowadays, it hosts the impressive collection of exhibits as well as different art events. There is also a café on the ground floor.

8. Red Ruin Bar
Although communism never existed in its literal form, Eastern Europe still bears the imprint of socialism. In Budapest, they prefer approaching it with humor: Red Ruin is a fancy themed pub dedicated to this philosophical movement. The interior combines pop art with propaganda esthetics and red is the main color here. Another good thing – the prices are low.


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