Saturday, March 04, 2017

Restaurant review: MAXWELL'S BAR & GRILL (Covent Garden)

Just adjacent to Covent Garden underground station is Maxwell's Bar and Grill an American-style diner of TGI Friday's ilk.
I had the southern fried chicken burger as I bloody love fried chicken (I would be happy to dine at KFC every day for the rest of my life if it wasn't for all the weight I'd put on), and the last restaurant I'd had fried chicken at was a dream come true.

Sadly, Maxwell's Bar and Grill was no Bird. I didn't taste anything distinctively Southern about the chicken; the chicken could have been the ones they used in McDonald's McChicken burgers and I wouldn't have been surprised. The french fries were, as you can see, utterly burnt. 

The cheeseburgers came with a tankard full of cheese, some of which I have applied on my plate, so you can see the consistency of it. Whilst there's fun to be had in covering your burger with cheese, I'm not sure it makes it particularly easy to eat. Even more of an issue is that the actual melted cheese they serve you tastes like the most artificial, stale gloop ever. Yuck!

On top of that, as you can see from my plate, the plates used at Maxwell's Bar & Grill are hella old and worn-looking. 

This was not a good restaurant. If you find yourself hungry at any point around Covent Garden and clock this restaurant, do yourself a favour. Buy a Boot's meal deal instead.

Grade: E


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