Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Review.

After the Soap and Glory Thick and Fast mascara leaving me most unimpressed, the brand had saving to do with its Sugar Crush body scrub.

Compared to the Soap and Glory Flake Away, Sugar Crush is much more comfortable. The former was borderline painful on application, whereas the sugar granules of Sugar Crush are altogether finer and softer, and thus, take to the skin much better.
In terms of functionality, however, the Flake Away has Sugar Crush beat. Flake Away not only left my skin feeling totally smooth, but shiny, too. Sugar Crush doesn't really do either, and I'm entirely convinced it washes away dead cells either. Granted, it leaves my legs smelling sweeter and more ready for moisturising, but therein lies the problem: with Flake Away, I could often use that product in isolation, and my legs were ready to be bared. With Sugar Crush, it's imperative that I apply oil/moisturiser on my legs after usage, otherwise my legs still aren't quite presentation ready.
Thus, if I were to purchase another Soap and Glory body scrub, I'd definitely opt for Flake Away. However, having used both and neither being just quite right for me, the next time I buy body scrub, I reckon I'll explore options from another brand altogether.

Grade: C

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