Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Restaurant review: Hong Kong Bistro (Bath)

I'd heard lots of positive things from my peers about Hong King Bistro, but didn't visit until after my exams in late May. And the experience was so brilliant that I took my mother back!

The plate that was recommended to me was the Pad Thai (pictured above), which was a mixture of everything I love about oriental food, which was dosed out in generous portions. The Pad Thai is Hong Kong Bistro's most famous dish, and for good reason; it's a combination of all the flavours I love. I love dim sum as much as the next person, but at times when you want a plate just to yourself, no sharing, I'd definitely recommend Hong Kong Bistro, which definitely doesn't skimp on size.

The prices are reasonable, other than starters:

Both plates pictured above were about £4-5 each, which, given that they could be eaten in about two bites, doesn't exactly represent the most worthwhile value for money. However, the satay chicken was wonderful to taste; I loved the sauce!

On my second visit to Hong Kong Bistro, I had a mixed-seafood type dish, which tasted great, so much so that I even wolfed down all the mushrooms - an ingredient I'm not usually that fond of. I love prawn dishes and they were used in abundance, which definitely helped. The thick noodles complemented the fish and vegetable a treat as well.

With plenty of space and discrete staff who don't pester you, Hong Kong Bistro is definitely one of the finer restaurants in Bath. If the starters were a bit cheaper, it'd be pretty much near perfect.

Grade: B+/A-


Irene Jennings said...

We ate here about 5 years ago, and upon returning to Bath it was our first stop for a restaurant. The egg-fried rice is excellent. The tofu is fresh, and my daughter says the lemon chicken is the best she has ever had.

Irene (Premium SEO - Seattle)

Emma said...

I've not tried the tofu, I might if I ever go back tho!