Monday, July 22, 2013

How to make burger/sandwiches (perfect for Summertime).

1. Bung all the burgers in the grill
I usually do the heat and timing by the instructions on the packaging, but Theo just whacked it on 190 and kept an eye on them, deciding for himself when they were ready
2. Chop the tomatos
I didn't do a very good job here as they were unevenly sized... hopefully they'll be closer in size next time (we'll see)
3. Cook the onions
Theo crushed some garlics into the onions, which made them tastier.
4. Apply honey mustard on the bread
This step was new to me, as I was planning on just having ketchup. But the honey mustard definitely gave the burger a nice kick.
5. Chop up the burgers into a size fitting the bread, and put it into the bread with lettuce and tomatos
Finally, we scopped all the onions into the cracks, added some salt and vinegar crisps, helped ourselves to some homemade lemonade, et viola! The perfect Summertime lunch.

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