Monday, July 29, 2013

Restaurant review: HI SUSHI (Covent Garden)

As my little adventure three months ago should illustrate, I bloody love sushi. The idea of paying a fixed amount and then stuffing my face is right up my alley, although at Yo Sushi there was a time constraint.

At Hi Sushi, the restraint is that you can eat as much as you want within reason, that is, you get a huge quantity of everything, more than you could want, and are allowed to make "orders" on top of that. This detracts from the buffet-style quality that Yo Sushi had, but on the upside, the quality of the sushi supplied is noticeably better:

It was a while ago that I went, so unfortunately my memory of the actual names of items is a little hazy. However, in the photo above, I loved everything served other than the brown thing on the left.

In terms of the quality/quantity trade-off, I would say that this place has the beating of Yo Sushi. Prices are about similar in the two, but in Yo Sushi they're fairly brazen about the fact that for £19.50, you won't be tasting any of their premium stuff. Pretty much everything I had to eat in Hi Sushi was premium, carefully crafted and satiated by taste buds wonderfully. 

Thus, it is very probable that I'll be saying Hi to Hi Sushi before I re-say Yo to Yo Sushi.

Grade: A

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Jenny said...

Heehee, as for for item names... brown thing you didn't like is inarizushi (rice wrapped in tofu), salmon slices is salmon sashimi, sushi which is 'inside out', so rice on the outside, is called uramaki. ^__~

I've never tried this kind of thing before, but maybe one day I'll give it a go! My favourite sushi place (quality-wise) is Kuru Kuru in Soho, it's in the same chain as Ten Ten Tei. Might be a bit more expensive though, I think the average price per dish is about £2.50.