Friday, July 19, 2013

Sensationail starter kit review

I got this kit last year and whenever I want to give a long-lasting, quality finish on my fingernails, I use it. The packaging says your nails will stay unchipped for up to 2 weeks, and unusually, this product actually did what the advertising promised.

My favourite part of the kit is the LED lamp, which looks so cute when switched on!

The bright pink light is reminiscent of those that you get in a fancy salon, and it's actually functional as well, reducing the drying time of nail polishes considerably. I use this lamp when I'm applying other nail varnishes as well and its cut drying time (my least favourite part of applying nail polish) on them all.

The finish on my nails looks fantastic - I would have taken photos but my application was embarrassingly sloppy - but when done properly, they actually do look salon-worthy. I love this kit because it means I can give the impression of having my nails done professionally when I've really just done it to myself ;)

Grade: A

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