Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Benefit California Kissin' Lipgloss review.

I love lipgloss, and Benefit do some of my favourite lipglosses. I was beguiled by this product because it was so blue and had no idea how that would work on my lips, but thankfully the blue doesn't show up as obviously on your lips as it does in the packaging. The product carries with it a minty-fresh scent that's unusual from the standard floral scents you'd expect from lipglosses, and it's not altogether unpleasant.
However, for the price you pay £14, you'd really hope to see a better return for your money from this product, which is good, but doesn't ever fulfil the "promises" that the sales clerks con with you, primarly, that you'd attain whiter teeth. Now, lipsticks actually do give me whiter teeth, but I'm yet to find a lipgloss that does, and this certainly isn't it. For the price and the lies, I'm gonna have to give it a...
Grade: C


Anonymous said...

The colour really suits you! I just did a review of the Marvelous Moxie in 'Oh So Cosmo'. I think it's fab!


Emma said...