Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Calvin Klein CKIn2U Eau de Toilette review

Eau de toilette is, by definition, a diluted form of perfume. Considering I live my life very much by the mantra “go hard or go home”, then, it would appear that the very essence of Eau de Toilette would imply it wasn’t for me.

Well, yes and no. Calvin Klein scents are absolutely to-die-for (Calvin Klein’s Euphoria, which I’d received as a gift in the Summer of 2010, remains my favourite perfume of all time), so even at weaker concentration, CKIn2Udoesn’t smell bad by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, as a subtle day fragrance, I think it’s fantastic – appropriately sweet-smelling without being completely overpowering.

It’s hard to describe the precise scent of CKIn2U, but it definitely has the ingredients of the familiar floral smell of many other Eau de Toilettes, with an oriental musky twist. On closer sniff, I detected just the faintest whiff of vanilla as well, which I love.

As far as presentation goes, I’ve seen better (in terms of favourites, I’d have to pick out Marc Jacob’s Daisy bottle for packaging), but you do get a very generous portion for your money: 50ml. I’m starting work next week, and foresee this being a go-to aid for masking the depressing pongs of the City.

Grade: B

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