Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Pizza Express Master-post.

I've dined at Pizza Express a few times in the last month (pro tip: if you attend Pizza Express using Nectar or Tesco points, one point can earn you 4 times what the point would get you in store, so it makes sense to trade your points in for Pizza Express credits!), and I thought I'd share my thoughts on each of the individual pizzas/pastas/meals I tasted there!

Sloppy Giuseppe: the green pepper is super-spicy, and complements the beef well.  The pizza could have stood to have more cheese. 7/10.

Niçoise Salad: the tuna, what there was of it, tasted good, but there was nowhere near as much tuna in the dish we were served than the picture on the Pizza Express Menu. Instead, they took the cheap route and gave us strips of bread. 5/10.

Seafood rigatoni: absolutely delicious. My only gripe was that there weren't enough prawns. 8.5/10.

Lasagna Classica: the beef was way too chewy for comfort, and the cheese's consistency wasn't to my liking. 4/10.

American: Yummy, no frills pepperoni pizza. The lack of peppers is a blessing and a curse; it's advantageous because it means you can eat the pizza without having a runny nose from the spices (haha). But without extra veg, the pizza does feel somewhat bare. 7.5/10.

American hot: Like the American, but with added hotness. The green, Roquito or jalapeño peppers (I asked for all three, haha) gives the pizza texture that was lacking from the American, but my word, they are spicy. I felt like my tongue was going to burn off. If you're not worried about table manners and just want to focus on taste, I'd say this one just edges it. 8/10.

Diavolo: marginally preferable to the Sloppy Giuseppe, due to the addition of the pepperoni. 8/10.

Soho 65: Mozzarella and tomato with black olives, buffalo mozzarella and garlic oil makes this tastier than your generic margherita pizza. The buffalo mozzarella is noticeably a step up from generic Pizza Express cheese! 7.5/10.

How about you? What are your favourite Pizza Express dishes?

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