Sunday, September 03, 2017

Review: ALL SHOOK UP! (Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes)

Fun night outs dancing in London were a staple of my late teen and early-20s, and I wished this to be the same for my brother. So last night, me, Tom, and two of my friends hit the London’s 1950s & 60s Party at Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes for some good old fashioned rock n’ roll and jive-style boogying.

The venue is very spacious, and there are American-style booths for you to sit and eat and just listen to the music, as well as bowling lanes and karaoke rooms to be rented.
The spacious, comfy American-style booths

The music is carefully chosen, and even the most modern millennial would recognise classics like ‘These Boots Were Made For Walking’ and ‘She Loves You’. The main floorspace had been cleared for people to dance in, and it was so awesome to see some people had committed to the occasion, with girls in 50s-style polka dot dresses and guys in preppy sweaters! 

Happily, there is no strict dress code, meaning the occasion is just an excuse to get your glad rags on! This is what me and my friend Rebecca wore:

I'm a fan of the bindi, in case you hadn't noticed

My brother’s interpretation on clothes from that attire was a waistcoat and flatcap, although as you can see below, the waistcoat came off early on, such was the perspiring from all the dancing! (Tom learns swing-style dance moves at his University, so this occasion was a perfect occasion for him to exhibit some of his moves). 

The pro in action!

My brother even taught me a dance move that I often see in 60s movies but never dared attempt myself: the half-hula.

Here are some videos of Tom in motion. Note the buzzing atmosphere in Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes!

Overall, the ‘All Shook Up!’ event was one of the best nights out in London that I’ve had for a while. Whereas some nightclubs play catchy contemporary music, they sadly come with a less-than-ideal side-dish of sleazy men, treating the club as a meat market.

All Shook Up!’ benefited from a wholesomeness that is both rare and welcome to London clubbing. The party is well-organised and run, and as soon as I stepped foot in Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, I felt like I was walking into a slice of Americana. The majority of people had come there just to dance, no shady ulterior motives. And when everyone at the party is having an amazing time, the joie de vivre is nothing short of infectious.

Grade: A


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