Thursday, May 25, 2017


These three ties were all £1.50 each, but they were all part of a '3 for the price of 2' offer, so they worked out to be £1 each.

Both the moisturiser and the face mask were well worth the money. The moisturiser has an irresistibly organic smell, such that I don't even feel I'm applying any sort of 'cream' on my face, but rather, a healthy fruit. 100ml is a very generous quantity for the price, and will last me until Autumn, as you need just over a pea sized amount to cover the face. A.

The face mask also smelled of cucumbers, unsurprisingly, and left my face feeling incredibly refreshed after application. Having been drinking on Saturday, Sunday and Monday of this week, my skin desperately needed some TLC, and using that face mask undid some of my drinking's bad work. A.

The only 'meh' product of the three is the eye gel, which is definitely a placebo effect-type item. I've been applying it every night before bedtime and in the morning, and it has neither bettered nor worsened the skin around my eyes. I don't mind, as it was so cheap, but, next time I re-stock on these Boot's essentials products, I think I'll get two of one of the other two things, and avoid this. C.

On the whole, though, this represented an impressive haul, for just £3. The extracts of cucumber are doing wonders for my skin, and I recommend you guys try it out too!


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