Sunday, May 14, 2017

Restaurant review: TGI FRIDAY'S (Covent Garden)

I've been to several TGI Friday's across the UK (Reading, when my family and I were checking out universities, Bath when I was there doing my undergraduate degree and Leicester Square just for an impromptu delicious meal one evening), and it's a chain which I have never been disappointed with.

Last Tuesday, me and three others were dithering over where to get dinner (Belgo was being suggested as an option, but I wasn't enamoured with it when I'd visited Belgo three years ago) in Covent Garden when I clocked a TGIF, confident that that represented a much better option.

And of course, I wasn't wrong. We were served by a bubbly waitress, who asked us if we were celebrating anything. Although it wasn't the cause of our get-together, I had just passed a critical PhD landmark, and one of the people I was with mentioned this. I didn't expect that to lead to anything, but she very kindly gave me this gorgeous and delicious slice of cake for my troubles!

I thought TGI Friday's only gave out free cake when it was someone's birthday, so this was a very nice surprise.

Readers of my blog may have cottoned onto my fried chicken obsession, so I, unsurprisingly had the Jack Daniel's Sesame Chicken with Fries. For £14, it was a very generously-sized dish of fried chicken, chips and a few obligatory greens.

The fried chicken tasted delicious, and I loved that it was already coated in some yummy sauce, and I had the Jack Daniels sauce to pour on top of it! I can never get enough of sauces.

My friends had these things (photographed below) and they didn't have any complaints either.

We also had nommy nachos to whet our appetite. The jalapenos were rather spicy, but the cheesy and guacamole went together so well.

Overall, I was delighted with my decision to veto the horrendously overpriced Belgo and go for a cheap and cheerful TGIF instead. We had a lovely waitress, my main was delicious (washed down with some nice Corona beer), and I do love it when restaurants don't presumptuously help themselves to a tip at the end. Paradoxically, by not forcing us to pay a tip, we were more forthcoming to tip them.

I did indeed, Thank God that I was in Friday's. On Tuesday.

Grade: A


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