Friday, May 26, 2017

Product reviews: MANGO and VANILLA BODY BUTTER (Boot’s)

Back in March, when going through airport security before my holiday in Prague, it transpired that due to a last minute reshuffle of things in suitcases, I’d put my expensive Body Shop blueberry body lotion in my hand luggage rather than my check-in luggage. 

As you can see, the size of the container is substantially higher than the limit of liquids you’re allowed on a flight, and so, a perfectly good container of body lotion which was only about 80% used was unceremoniously confiscated from me.

Now that the sun’s finally shining the UK, I now need lotion to apply to my legs, lest they look too dry when wearing sundresses, so I had to replenish my body moisturiser supply. I bought these two items as part of a ‘Buy one get second half price’ deal. 

The RRP for one body butter is £6, so with the deal they worked out to be £4.50 a tub.

The vanilla is my preferred smell, which smells sweet (on a bad day, I may say sickly so, but on the whole, it’s quite a nice smell), and, as with the Body Shop product was easy to apply, and didn’t require a large quantity in order to moisturise both your legs. I don’t mind the idea of smelling like vanilla, so will be using this quite frequently over the summer. B+

I love mangoes, hence why I got the other flavour (it was also rather slim pickings in terms of choice of others), but the mango body butter smells too artificial, a smell that completely overpowers you when you first open the container. It’s certainly better priced than the Body Shop product, so I won’t mark it down too much, but, having not been blown away too much by the two items as a collective unit, I imagine I will continue searching for the ultimate body butter. C.

To quote U2: ‘I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.’


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