Saturday, January 04, 2014

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Tandoori Nights (Covent Garden)

I went to this dive a few months ago, but such was the poor memory of it, that I had to give it a while before I could stomach thinking about it again.

I should have seen the warning signs when we walked into the restaurant and it was empty. Tandoori Nights boasts how it's won all these these prizes, but the simple fact of the matter is were it really brilliant, the place should have been bustling at the prime dinner timeslot. Instead, save a few greasy, creepy-looking waiters, the place was empty.

We had regulation choices: a chicken and a seafood dish, and both were godawful (I distrust any chicken tikki masala in such a sweet sauce) and were left, unfinished. The naan bread was edible but the rice was microwave-standard, at best.

So we weren't particularly impressed with the food, then. But the service, oh god, the service. A particularly slimey man wouldn't stop hovering around our table and trying to pressure us into ordering more, despite the fact that we'd clearly been none-too-impressed with what we'd eaten so far. Definitely not a culinary experience I intend to revisit.

I'll tell you one positive thing about this place: it sure does make a good case for getting your own meals and consuming them in the comfort - and pleasure of not being harrassed - of your own home.

Grade: F

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