Saturday, January 25, 2014

Product Review: Next Just Pink Eye Collection.

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Compactly presented and with a sleek heart-shaped-mirror, the Next Just Pink Eye Collection would be a wonderful invention, the perfect size for dainty handbags. If only all the components themselves were up to scratch.

On the upside, the eyeshadows themselves are great. A soft consistency means I can rub the required amount onto the nib of my finger and apply as much/little as I want. The three colours are a good contrast - I tend to use the middle one more than the other two, and whilst they wouldn’t suffice if you were trying to create a BOLD look, in terms of subtle amounts of make up, it does the job.

Sadly, the two little tubes, of eyeliner and mascara, are a bit of a nightmare. The mascara is a cakey, crumbly mess that is far more likely to make you resemble a sad panda than elongate your eyelashes. And the eyeliner simply doesn’t work; there’s no fluidity to the them, and it clings stubbornly to one part of your eye. So don’t act like I never told you - rely on these two items and you will run into disaster.

However, for the cuteness of the mirror and the effectiveness of the eyeshadow (as well as the fact that the product was a Christmas present), I won’t be too harsh in my grade ;)

Grade: B-

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