Saturday, January 25, 2014

BAR REVIEW: Zebrano’s (Soho)

Zebrano’s is an easy-to-locate, cheerful bar/restaurant in the hub of Soho. Happy Hour spans 5-8 (don’t quote me on this) in the evening, meaning that genuinely delicious cocktails (the lychee one was wonderful) can be purchased for reasonable sums. The waiters and waitresses were warm and easygoing, which is a huge novelty in such a touristy area of central London, let me tell you!

The food isn’t fantastic, although that may have been partly our error in selecting two platters. There were good things on both platters - namely, the sauces and the spring rolls, but the red meat itself was unfortunately, a little stale. However, Zebrano’s accept TasteCard (provided you ring up in advance) so not too much dollar was shed, graciously.

The thing that made my Zebrano’s experience so likeable, however, wasn’t the food or the drink, but rather, and pardon the rather pretentious term that’s coming up - the ambience. Acoustic musicians sang in the background whilst we dined and drank our cocktails, and the blend between familiar pop songs (Crazy, No Scrubs, etc) as well as their own creations was a delight, and thankfully, the musicians could both sing and play their instruments, which is a hell of a lot more than can be said for some “singers” I’e encountered in my time.

Overall, whilst I probably wouldn’t recommend Zebrano’s to dine in, in terms of a drinking hole to kick back at after work, it more than does the job. Check it out.

Grade: A-/B+

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