Wednesday, January 29, 2014

BAR REVIEW: Rupert Street (Soho)

Continuing with my exploration of Soho, I went to Rupert Street, a drinking hole famed for being a gaybar, but thankfully, let straight clientele in, and, above all, prides itself for letting all drinkers have fun, whatever their persuasion.

Go between 4-8 and you will hit Happy Hour, where you can get two cocktails for a tenner. These cocktails shit all over the awful one I had in Worship Streep Whistling Shop, in terms of taste and alcohol content, and aren't too shabbily presented either.

Everyone in Rupert Street looked like they were having the time of their lives, and the familiar, unpretentious music went a long way to getting me in a jovial mood: Taylor Swift and Girls Aloud decorated the jukebox, and I found myself singing along to the tunes giddily after my first pint.

In all, I would recommend Rupert Street to absolutely everyone! It's funny that the bar shares its name with the adorable Harry Potter actor, because the charm of the place also matches his.

Grade; A


Michael O'Sullivan said...

Those drinks look yummy, good to see Rupert Street continues, after its refurb. Its one of the better west end watering holes, I used to be quite a regular when working around there.
Another good gay/bi one is The Yard, at the lower end of Wardour Street, this is a great meeting place too with a loft, a covered space and a garden and a gated courtyard, great food as well.

whatyouwant said...

Many Thanks for the review! I happened to stumble across this on google.

Hope to see you again soon!

Kind Regards

General Manager