Monday, November 11, 2013


Prided on the authenticity of its Korean dishes, Asadal is blessed with the prime location of being literally just next to Holborn tube station, so prospective diners really can’t miss it. From the interiors, it quite clearly has delusions of grandeur, with its plush seats and royal-looking d├ęcor, and all this clashes with the outside appearance, which is actually quite shabby.

 photo SAM_0991_zps8e02cebb.jpg

The food is edible, but not fantastic, and certainly not value for money considering that our bill came to an excess of £60. We ordered spicy chicken appetisers (very nice), cod fishcakes (instantly forgettable and horrendously overpriced), beef tofu (the beef wasn’t very well-cooked, but the vegetables accompanying the meal were, so very much a mixed bag), and pork belly. I was most excited about the latter, as it actually employed the hot plate at the centre of the table, but unfortunately, turned out to be a monumental disappointment. The pork belly slices weren’t good, and the vegetables that we’d ordered to eat it with (on the waiters’ recommendations) didn’t complement the meat well.

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A further word about the waiters. They weren’t great. I asked them if we should have plum wine or rice wine, and they rolled their eyes as if I’d asked some dumbass questions. Sorry for having questions! All throughout the meal they were surly, and whilst they should have cooked the pork belly for us, they buggered off, meaning we had to do it ourselves. I expect this of sulky restaurant workers in Chinese restaurants who are there from circumstance, not choice (that degree in Art not working out for you, sunshine?), but the last time I was in a Korean place, the staff were altogether much friendlier, and it was a rude awakening to have to deal with that kind of crap on Thursday. Suffice to say, I didn’t tip.

Grade: C

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