Tuesday, May 30, 2017


As with the skincare products reviewed here, I bought these three lipbalms as part of a ‘3 for the price of 2’ deal at Boot’s. The Blistex and Carmex products were £2.69 apiece, so the cheapest, the Nivea lipbalm (£2.49), came free.

Nivea soft rosé lip balm: a functional but nondescript item. The lipbalm’s smell is very faint. One one hand, this is good because the fragrance of the item doesn’t overpower you, but on the other, it renders the product extremely forgettable. For the same price, I could have gotten a Vaseline lip pot, which for 20g, compared to this product’s 4.8g, represents a much better return for my money. C-

Blistex strawberry lips: Out of the frying pan… The size of the tube gives the misleading impression that there’s the same amount of product in here as in the Nivea item (which was barely anything as it was), but it’s all a deceptive ruse. There’s only 3.7g of lip balm in here! To add insult to injury, the balm itself lasts for about 2 minutes on your lips, so I kept having to reapply the product. This meant that yesterday, when I’d applied it a few times throughout the day, I’d used about a sixth of the tube!

The Blistex strawberry lipbalm is a classic lesson in how one shouldn’t be fooled by a pretty package; those cute pink kisses convinced me this was a product worth having. I’d like to think I was too shrewd to be swindled by some attractive packaging, but hey-ho, everyone makes mistakes. U

Carmex classic moisturising lip balm: finally, a product worth writing about! The smell of this product is very love-it-or-hate-it, as there’s something acutely ‘doctor’s office’ about it, but I found it weirdly addictive. The inside of the pot looks like this:

It is also extremely effective at its job of moisturising lips. I applied a small dollop of the Carmex product to my lips at lunchtime, and they remained shiny and smooth well into the evening! The sturdier consistency also renders is a better option than Vaseline lip jelly, which is just a bit too, well, jelly-like sometimes. A


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