Sunday, December 24, 2017


Whilst I certainly had no complaints about the functionality of Clean & Clear's Deep Action Facial Wipes, I wasn't won over by its price, at 11p per facial wipe. I thus turned my attention to facial cleansers of a different kind: in a container, in the form of Simple's Kind to Skin refreshing facial wash gel.

By virtue of being in a liquid product, you can control how much you apply to your face. This means that on heavy duty makeup days, you can put on more, and on light makeup days (or even days when you don't wear any makeup but wish to cleanse your pores anyway), you can use less. I love the flexibility  element here, that you're in control, rather than the facial wipes, where you have to use a facial wipe regardless of how much or little makeup there is to clean. The gel removes makeup effectively, even the waterproof stuff that is usually refractory to the milder facial wipes.

The tube pictured above is the 50ml quantity, and it will last you at least 25 washes. At £1.50 for the bottle, that represents much better returns than the wipes. 

Furthermore, the product itself is truly a godsend. The gel leaves my face feeling fresh and soft, and so healthy! The soft feeling on my skin is long-lasting; I use it on my face before bedtime, and in the morning, my skin is still feeling fabulous. Really recommend this product, which is a true bargain and a must for some TLC to your skin.

Grade: A


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