Thursday, December 21, 2017

Holiday in New York, 2017.

Earlier this month, I spent five days in New York City with my best friend Anna (the gorgeous lady who this blog is named after).

Here be a picspam of our time there (including a day in New Jersey) and some random non-sequiturs as and when I can be bothered to type!

Told you she was hot!

On the steps of the New York library! I absolutely adore my red DKNY clutch and how it matches my coat!

A selfie in the Empire State building.

At the top of the Empire State building!

The view was to die for, but as you can see, it was pretty windy!

I'mma let you finish, but allow me to take a second to appreciate American food. *drools*


Although I didn't care for the film or Alicia Vikander's shameless Oscar-begging in it, I did adore how nice she looked with her long flowing brunette locks in The Light Between Oceans. So I've decided to grow my hair long to try and emulate Alicia's pretty looks she didn't get voted second most attractive femme in a 2012 film for nothing!)

We went to a basketball game. We couldn't get tickets to anything too famous, so watched the Westchester Knicks vs Texas Legends.

At Grand Union Station.

On our third day in New York, we were very lucky and it snowed!

Central Park looking lush in the snow!

Obviously, selfies were taken.

I dragged Anna out to Columbia University (which we didn't find out until after we visited, but apparently it was in a shady area) purely because Blair Waldorf from gossip girl went there! Never underestimate a girl's dedication to her American TV shows!

We went to a tiki bar called Mother of Pearl. I have no idea why it has a 4.6 average rating on Google; we thought it was terrible! Dimly lit, overpriced, dour drinks, and wait staff who couldn't wait to get rid of us.

Now, one of the things I lived for in New York was their delicious pizza slices!  I ate like a king when in NYC!

We spent a day visiting Anna's family in New Jersey, and they kindly took us for a tour around Princeton university!

Leonard Hofstadter from The Big Bang Theory's alma mater!

Gratuitously vain selfie. Because it's not like Emma to be vain, now is it?

We went to a proper suburban New Jersey diner!

This is a contender for the best meal I had in the States. A carb dream!

I idolise Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's, so naturally, we went to the jewellery store!

Love that ornate Christmas tree. Reminds me of the lyric from 'Santa Baby', 'come and trim my Christmas tree, with some decorations bought at Tiffany's.'

I was so enamoured with this fantastic crepe I had in New York, that I'm going to try making some like it! We have a pancake maker in our house, so hopefully it shouldn't be too difficult. Watch this space!

Me and Anna spent probably a bit too much time trying on make-up in department stores. Here I am with a face full of Yves Saint Laurent makeup (sidebar: my fantasy football team, 'YvesSantLaurentKoscielny' is semi-dedicated to the fashion house. I was inspired for this tenuous pun when I saw The Sun did a 'Hugo Dross' pun after Lloris did a fail once. I decided to carry the baton in simultaneously shouting out to perfumes and sometime-lolsy, north London-based French footballers!)

In Times Square! The Michael Kors handbag I'm carrying, by the way, was a display handbag in Bloomindales, and heavily discounted at the equivalent of £66. I adore it.

Favourite Disney character had to get an outing!

Absolutely love those Snapchat filters!

All in all, phenomenal holiday, and I will definitely be going back to NYC at some point in the future!

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