Saturday, October 05, 2013

New canteen.

Now that I'll be spending all my Mondays and Tuesdays at university, should I feel too tired to set foot out of the building to sample random restaurants, then there is always the option to eat in the canteen. This is what I did last Tuesday. And, I have to say, so far, I'm prefering my work canteen.
The chicken stir-fry thing on the left wasn't bad; the chicken was proficiently cooked and the sauce tasted great. However, when I have meals at my work, they always serve it something carby as part of the main meal, be it rice or potatos, just to balance out the food groups a bit. There was rice on offer, but you had to pay extra for it, and having already shelled out £3.90 for the chicken, I wasn't really feeling it. Another talking point is the price. A main meal at my company would be £3.20 for a meat dish, £2.95 for a veggie one, and it would be more balanced. However, I understand that my uni's in central, whereas my company's in zone 3, so, them's the breaks.

The dessert was pretty good, again, I'm used to cheaper (at my company it would be a round quid, whereas here it was £1.70), but the taste was fine. I think I'm just going to need some getting used to central London prices, so used have I been to subsidised canteen prices at the firm! Thankfully, though, the food (what  they serve of it) itself is great, so I can have no complaints about that.

As it was Orientation week, there were some freebies in terms of refreshments! I took the liberty of snapping a few of them:

One of the various plates of sandwiches we were given. There was also a seafood platter (the salmon sandwich was heaven!) and a meat platter.

 photo SAM_0800_zpsb6a5ed37.jpg
Free alcohol at the Student Welcome Party. Needless to say, I helped myself ;)

 photo SAM_0801_zps4d02a51d.jpg
More delicious nibbles! The satay chicken was wonderful, but my favourite was actually the veggie nibble on the far right (just out of shot). It wasted quite curry-ish, and the dough on the outside complemented the filling wonderfully.

As you can probably tell, nothing makes me happier than free food :'D

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